Based in Amsterdam, Vulto specializes in sophisticated, tailored women‘s coats, jackets and blazers made of the finest natural fibres that drape on the body with unexpected ease and fluidity.

Our goal is to create garments with a well balanced mix of timelessness, sartorial elegance, vibrancy and a contemporary, up–to–date look.

Combining classic, elegant design with a modern, youthful and rejuvenating touch.

Offering high quality is at the heart of everything we do.

All our garments are made of luxurious Italian fabrics from worldwide renowned mills like Loro Piana, Ferla, Solbiati, Carlo Barbera and Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Ranging from baby alpaca, silk and linen to fine blends of cashmere and merino wool.

A slim, tailored fit and excellent craftsmanship are key elements in our designs.
Combining comfort and elegance, and uniting body – contouring tailoring with a timeless silhouette.

Feminine tailored pieces that drape fluidly along the body and made of the highest quality materials available.

English (UK)
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